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DANCE DANCE ASIA -Crossing the Movements

“DANCE DANCE ASIA -Crossing the Movements” is a project designed to encourage collaboration and support exchange between and among dance companies and dancers in South East Asia with a focus on street dance, including hip-hop, plus a variety of other genres such as jazz and contemporary dance.
Street dance was introduced to Japan in the 1970′s and within just forty years, a dance craze evolved for both competitions and studios. In recent times, it inspired educational programs by incorporating rhythmic dance and modern styles as part of the curriculum in public school systems. In many ways, this increased its exposure and popularity among youth in Japan.
In addition, starting in 2000, dance companies use the base of street dance techniques to shape choreography on theatrical stages, and those productions sparked a movement and set in motion great potential for success in the world of performing arts.
At the same time, street dance is all the rage in Asia, through dance battles, contests and events, dancers have the opportunity to integrate customs and exchange ideas about individual style and technique.
In this context, the Japan Foundation Asia Center and PARCO Co., LTD aim to be at the forefront of this cultural intercourse and play a vital role in generating and promoting new street dance creations in Asia.


The Japan Foundation Asia Center
The Japan Foundation is Japan’s principal independent administrative institution dedicated to carrying out cultural exchange initiatives throughout the world.
The Asia Center, established in April 2014, is a division within the Foundation that conducts and supports collaborative initiatives with its Asian—primarily ASEAN—counterparts. Through interacting and working together in Japanese-language education, arts and culture, sports, and grassroots and intellectual exchange, the Asia Center pursues to develop the sense of kinship and coexistence as neighboring inhabitants of Asia.
PARCO. CO., LTD.’s entertainment division is at the helm of proactively introducing new cultures by fostering growth from the
underground scene to the mainstream through theater performances, music, films, and the arts.
PARCO STAGE, the theater central to these activities, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013 by producing topical creations that generated information with extra significance through the theater pieces of Koki Mitani, Akihiro Miwa and the Rakugo (comedic Japanese storytelling) of Shinosuke.
PARCO has also started to introduce projects with trendy themes such as KAAT Street Dance Festival, ASTERISK, Tokyo Gegegay, s**t kingz, Shibuya StreetDance Week, and DANCE DANCE ASIA – Crossing the Movements (2014 – 2020), the major long-term national and international project
produced in cooperation with The Japan Foundation Asia Center.

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