DANCE DANCE ASIA―Crossing the Movements in Tokyo 2019 This Summer!

Seen by over 30,000 across nine cities in Asia
Pioneering new styles of dance from the streets of Asia

The Japan Foundation Asia Center and PARCO Co., Ltd. are proud to present DANCE DANCE ASIA―Crossing the Movements in Tokyo 2019, an international co-production by leading Japanese and Southeast Asian street dancers at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre’s Theatre West from Friday, July 12 to Sunday, July 14, 2019.

Launched in 2014, DANCE DANCE ASIA showcases amazing Asian street dance talent. It aspires to pro-mote and foster cultural exchange in Asia through the medium of street dance, one of the most exciting and innovative forms of performing arts today.

The ambitious project has to date staged performances and tours 14 times in nine cities in Asia including To-kyo, involving nearly 400 dancers and artists and attracting total audiences over 30,000.

Organized as part of the Japan Foundation Asia Center’s Asia in Resonance 2019 program that showcases a wide range of cultural exchange projects between Japan and Southeast Asia, the performances feature an impressive lineup of Asian dance talent.

From Southeast Asia, Vietnam’s 3T and Thailand’s Nikii will each choreograph and direct different pieces with an international team of up-and-coming dancers, presenting a dazzling fusion of skill, artistic expression, and music. In the performance directed by 3T, KATSUYA, the Japanese b-boy star who has won several global titles, will serve as co-choreographer and assistant director, while Nikii will be likewise joined by Takuro Su-zuki, a choreographer and director in his own right, and member of the dance company CONDORS.

The lineup further includes an exciting selection of Japanese artists. Working with Southeast Asian dancers, the groups Crazy Rollers, comprising KITE and FISHBOY from RADIO FISH, and GANMI, the popular and talented company of young dancers that was the first Japanese artist to win the global contest VIBE XXI Dance Competition in Los Angeles in 2016, as well as 18-year-old dance star kEnkEn, who is fast attracting attention on the scene from the likes of Koharu Sugawara and MIKEY, will each present a specially arranged performance.

The shows created collaboratively and unveiled in Tokyo by these Asian directors, choreographers, dancers, and artists will give audiences the opportunity to experience the excitement and growing potential of street dance.

We look forward to welcoming press inquiries about this eagerly anticipated event.

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