DANCE DANCE ASIA―Crossing the Movements
in Tokyo 2019

Dates: Friday, July 12 – Sunday, July 14, 2019
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Theatre West)
(1-8-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo)
all seats reserved, tax included
General Admission 3,500 yen
Students 2,500 yen
Applicable to graduate school, university, college, technical school, junior high school, or high school students.
Students are required to show ID to gain admission.

Disability Discount 2,000 yen
Required to show disability certificate to gain admission.

Discount for children accompanied adult: 2,000 yen (from 3 years old to elementary school age)
Age restrictions:
  Friday, July 12: No admission for children under the age of 3.
  Saturday, July 13 and Sunday July 14 (3 performances): Children under the age of 3
  (Free for a child watching on the knee. However, a child’s ticket is required if you need a seat.)
No commercial resale permitted.
Wheelchair users are kindly requested to contact Sunrise Promotion Tokyo up to the day before the show they in-tend to see.

【On sale】
Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
【For Tickets】
*in Japanese only
Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999(Pcode : 493-950), mobile) Seven-Eleven, Ticket Pia Shop
Lawson Ticket 0570-084-003 (L code : 33285) 0570-000-407(By Operators / 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.), mobile) Loppi in Lawson and Mini Stop
e+(eplus) (PC, mobile) (available at Fami port in Family Mart stores)
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office 0570-010-296(10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. except when theatre closed) (also available at the ticket counter)

Phone numbers starting with 0570 cannot be connected from some mobile phones and PHS.
The automatic answering number cannot be connected from the dial line. Please connect from a push line or a tele-phone with a tone signal.

Sunrise Promotion Tokyo
0570-00-3337(10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
【Performance inquiry】
PARCO Co., Ltd.
03-3477-5858 (Monday – Saturday 11:00 – 19:00 / Sunday & public holiday 11:00 – 15:00)
【Time Schedule】
July Friday,12 Saturday, 13 Sunday, 14

Running Time:115 min.(including intermission)

2. kEnkEn
 - intermission –
3. 3T

After Talk:kEnkEn & LesPaul

Running Time:115 min.(including intermission)

2. Nikii
 - intermission –
3. 3T

After Talk:3T & KATSUYA


Running Time:115 min.(including intermission)

1. Crazy Rollers
2. kEnkEn
 - intermission –
3. Nikii

After Talk:Nikii & FISHBOY


Running Time:130 min.(including intermission)

1. Crazy Rollers
2. 3T
 - intermission –
3. Nikii


※Hall opens 30minutes before each performance start.
※You can get a Day ticket from 1hour before the performance.
DANCE DANCE ASIA-Crossing the Movements Choreographer & Director Profiles


What if…Just dance

In Asian societies, men are supposed to be the breadwinners of the family. I’ve been told all the time, “Being a Bboy is not a job to feed a family”. Can I keep on being a Bboy and still look out for my family and the people I care about the most? Or should I give up my passion for dance, put on a suit and get a real job…..? Here we have a piece depicting the lives of five Bboy dancers, struggling, stopping, but still choosing to live the Bboy life. It shows the obstacles they face, their own inner demons, and the pressures from society. We’d be really happy if you see “our” story, that we will keep on dancing no matter what problems come our way.
from 3T
[Choreographer, Director]
3T – Vietnam –
Born in Hanoi in 1988, 3T is a choreographer and dancer. Starting his dance career in 2003, his b-boying skills have won him the Vietnamese dance events Got to Dance Vietnam Competition 2014 and Vu Dieu Green Vietnam 2013. He has also garnered titles at such prestigious contests as Battle of the Year (the world’s largest breakdance event), R16, and Free-style Session. From 2012, he started performing contemporary dance and has won dance contests in Vietnam.
[Choreographer, Assistant Director]
KATSUYA – Japan –
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1990, KATSUYA is a dancer. Starting to dance from elementary school, he went on to win Japan’s top dance event Old School Night three times and was also runner-up at Battle of the Year, the world’s biggest breakdance event. His television appearances include Super Chample on Chukyo TV. Since relocating to Tokyo, he has achieved success on the global dance scene, representing Japan for the solo battle of the UK B-Boy Championships and winning Battle of the Year three years in a row as part of the group The Floorriorz. He has performed in numerous showcases, workshops, and stage productions at home and abroad.

TEAM Nikii


The past, present, and future are unavoidable in life but we all have the same thing to hold on to, we have dreams. We dream to have better lives, to be happy, but dreams don’t come easy. They come with a test. Some pass and some fail. “Inception” is your journey to experience love in music and passion in dance from six artists.They are the cream of the crop across a wide range of genres from martial arts, breaking, hip hop, pop, house and beatboxing. They will stand their ground and pursue their dreams until they come true. Will they succeed? Only you will be their answer in “Inception”.
from Nikii
[Choreographer, Director]
Nikii – Thailand –
Born in Chiang Mai in 1984, Nikii is a choreographer and dancer. He started dancing from the age of six and has worked with a wide range of genres from breaking to hip hop, popping, locking, soul, Latin, and street jazz. In addition to his own choreography, he also serves as a judge for dance contests.
[Choreographer, Assistant Director]
Takuro Suzuki – Japan –
Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1985, Takuro Suzuki is a choreographer, direc-tor, and dancer. He is an adjunct instructor at International Culture School and the Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance at Tama Art University. He is the leader of the dance company CHAiroiPLIN, whose out-put freely incorporates dialogue, song, and onomatopoeia with the aim of producing shows that can be enjoyed by all ages. In addition to guest per-forming for Yukio Ninagawa’s Saitama Next Theatre, he also takes part in many dance events abroad. His numerous awards include the Encourage-ment Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2011, a finalist for the 9th Toyota Choreography Award, the 46th Newcomer Award from the Dance Critics Society of Japan, and the 9th Japan Dance Forum Award.

TEAM Crazy Rollers


Creating something is kind of a pain. It takes time and you face difficult situations. We got an offer from DDA (DANCE DANCE ASIA) to perform. “Crossing the Movements”, and “ASIA IN RESONANCE 2019”. By promoting collaborations between Asian dancers and creators, these theatrical street dance performances aim to create a new cultural movement. What a cool concept! It’s a one-of-a-kind atmosphere of understanding each other through music, dance and nonverbal communication. Oh… But… it’s such a pain in the… to create something. What if I talk to that dude, the one who I usually speak with, and come up with an idea? Yeah, that might work. Let’s go check him out.
from Crazy Rollers
[Choreographer, Director]
Crazy Rollers – Japan –
This popping dance group comprises ForMer Action’s KITE and RADIO FISH’s FISHBOY. Its convention-defying mix of compelling dance and entertainment has attracted a strong following.
Leader: KITE (ForMer Action, UltimateCrew, Crazy Rollers, FAB5BOOGzALLSTARz)
Born in Tokyo in 1983, KITE is a dancer, choreographer, and dance in-structor. He is an advisor to the Kids Earth Fund and vice president of A Boog & Do, LLC. A world-class dancer, his titles include the UK B-Boy Championships. As an instructor, he has run numerous studio classes as well as directing, structuring, and choreographing showcases. He has close connections with dance scenes overseas and is frequently invited to perform or serve as a judge for dance battles. He has handled choreog-raphy for such artists as BENNIE K and was the dance instructor for the comedian Takashi Okamura in an episode of the TV variety show Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! in which Okamura performed with the singer Daichi Miura.
Leader: FISHBOY (Crazy Rollers, RADIO FISH)
Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1985, FISHBOY is a dancer and choreogra-pher. He started dancing from junior high school and went on to win DANCE FLASH. He and KITE won the Juste Debout 2009 global hip hop dance contest in France. He is the first Japanese dancer to sign a spon-sorship deal with adidas Originals. He also performs as a member of the group RADIO FISH, which is famous for the album “PERFECT HUMAN” and has won such accolades as the Yusen Buzz Award at the 49th Japan Cable Awards (Nihon Y?sen Taish?), the Planning Award at the 58th Ja-pan Record Awards, and Song of the Year at the WebTVAsia Awards 2016.



Do you think dance can cross language boundaries? Do you really think that’s true? Students from the Philippines and GANMI High School met each other at a dance battle in the States then later those Filipinos came as exchange students to study in Japan at GANMI High School. The GANMI students aren’t so good at English, so are they really gonna be able to make friends with the new overseas students? Dance can cross language boundaries.We believe in that. DON’T LOOK, JUST GANMI!
from GANMI
[Choreographer, Director]
GANMI – Japan –
This dance crew of 17 male performers was established in 2015 with the aim of providing entertainment worldwide from Japan.

Born in Kanagawa in 1996, Sota is a dancer and choreographer. Start-ing to dance from high school, he is currently director of GANMI. He directs and choreographs solo shows, oversees videos, and also writes music and lyrics. In 2019, he launched the Free Dance for 10,000 People Nationwide crowdfunding project, aiming to put on free dance shows for dance fans in all 47 prefectures of Japan. He serves as the main promoter for the project, which raised over 3.6 million yen in its first round of crowdfunding. In August 2019, it will hold solo shows for 1,500 people.



We’re five people with totally different dance styles, grew up in different environments, and as individuals, nurturing our own values, sensibilities, and techniques. This piece “free-style” shows acceptance of others and a group working together while respecting uniqueness. Everyone should stick to their own style and believe in their senses. Our shout-out to you; each individual person is “the one and only”.
from kEnkEn
[Choreographer, Director]
kEnkEn – Japan –
Born in Saitama Prefecture in 2001, kEnkEn is a dancer and choreogra-pher. Starting to dance already in kindergarten, he made his professional show debut in 2011 in Michael Jackson Tribute Live and then studied dance at LA Dance Camp. He went on to win VIBE JAPAN and perform at DANCE DANCE ASIA in 2016 and 2017 as a member of BLACK LIP BOYZ. His backup dancer and choreography credits include SMAP, Tokyo Gegegay, E-girls’ Ami, Yasuyuki Okamura, Akiko Wada, and MISIA. He has also frequently performed with Koharu Sugawara. He is currently in-volved with making music that he performs with his body. The future pro-spects of his unique style of dance closely attuned to sound are highly an-ticipated.



Stage Manager: Hideya Seki, Rie Yamanuki, So Ozaki, Yoshiko Haraguchi, Takashi Kawachi
Live Sound: Gakuji Okumura, Ryosuke Takatsu, Sayako Ohara (Sunphonix Corp.)
Lighting: Tai Morishita, Kumiko Akutagawa, Kazuki Yamashita (Light Ship Co., Ltd.)
Projection Engineer: Kazuyuki Nakano (Argon Sha Co., Ltd.)
Stage Set Cooperation: Kouki Ura (URAK)
Props: Takatsu Sousyokubijutu Co., Ltd.
Costume Production: Tomo Fujita (Inception??? A dream within a dream within a dream
within a dream…)
Show Management: need direction system Co., Ltd.

Production Management: Rie Sasaki (5MEDIT)
Production: Yasuko Fujimori (POSSION HeADS)

Interpreters: Yuka Ehara, Natsumi Osaka, Mariko Kasuya, Asako Kato,
Tomomi Kanazawa, Miku Kitagawa, Mariko Nishino, Nghiem Viet Thanh Tam,
Cassandra Kurata, Hansa Sakuragi, Takae Suzuki, Shumi Takahashi, Dang Thi Huyen,
Hachi, Chotsakulthong Songkran, Pham Hong Hue, Hoang Thanh Thuy,
Kuisakorn Jantanee, Le Van Khoa

Illustration: Oh!Great
Design: Shinji Honda
Photography: Yosuke Kamiyama, Daisuke Arakane

Publicity / Public Relations: Hitomi Sakonju, Haru Deguchi
Website: KAYAHAT
Social Media Publicity: Tomomi Imura (LTG Inc.), acko, TELU
Official PV (3T, Nikii): Koji Okamoto
 (Crazy Rollers, GANMI, kEnkEn): TSUBASA (Happy Sunny&Co.)
Cooperation for Shooting: Haruhiko Sakashita (STUDIO HAL)
Performance Video Producer: Hazuki Hasegawa (SEP, inc.)
Performance Video Director: Yusuke Namiki (SEP, inc.)

Workshop Direction: AKIKO (LTG Inc.)

Tickets: Saki Ishiguro (SUNRISE PROMOTION TOKYO)

Body Maintenance: Sports Conditioning Salon RIMCE, Hoshina Sekkotsuin

Cooperation: LTG Inc., En Dance Studio, IAM Co., Ltd.

Special Thanks: Mycs Villoso (the Philippines), Thipkesone Luanglath (Laos),
Quanchanok Rongvararoj (Q The Zoo) (Thailand)

■Organized and Planned by

The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Masato Furuya, Keiji Shono, Hidekazu Takeda, Rina Kawase, Yumi Sakai, Mio Kaneko

PARCO Co., Ltd.
Gen Sato, Tomohide Sobue, Atsushi Tanimura, Ichita Yanagihara,
Kiyoko Tanaka, Sachiko Atsumi, Shiori Omiya, Noriko Okawa, Masaki Takahashi,
Naoto Isaka, Minami Kato, Mai Ando

■Co-organized by

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Technical director: Hisayoshi Shiraga
Stage technicians: Chihiro Matsushima / Hidenori Ohkawa, Ryo Kunitaki
Lighting technicians: Tatsuro Ando / Kawamorita Hideki, Akihiko Sekino
Sound technicians: Moe Yokoyama / Akiyoshi Hiramoto, Haruka Matsubara
Production management: Kazuhiro Tateishi, Chieko Tsuruoka, Naomi Yoshida,
Nanami Hashimoto
Attache de presse: Keizo Maeda
Ticket: Yuki Inoue

Production: Hiroko Tsuka (The Japan Foundation), Hajime Inoue (PARCO Co., Ltd.)

Producer: Sachiko Nakanishi (PARCO Co., Ltd.)


Design: Shinji Honda
Illustration: Oh!Great

Editor: Atsushi Kosugi

Editing and Publishing
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
4-16-3 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku 160-0004

PARCO Co., Ltd. Entertainment div
Shibuya First Place 8-16 Shinsen-cho Shibuya-ku 150-0045

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Tokyo Metropolitan TheatreTokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

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