The ultimate collective of four breathtaking creative artists


Kaoru Harada / YOSHIE / Naoko Matsuda / oguri

Simply put, the dance world’s dream team induces you into a breathtaking moment. Kaoru Harada is always at the top of the Japanese dance scene as a backing dancer and choreographer for such artists as Namie Amuro, Hiromi Go and Misato Watanabe. As well, Kaoru has collaborated with artists in other fields, such as choreography for Koki Mitani’s work and the top stars at Takarazuka, and is also an active stage actress known as “Kaoru Harada”. The second member of the group is super-talented and versatile Yoshie, a high-ranking figure among the most famous Japanese female street dancers and founder and leader of ebony, a group with original pizzazz and a track record of winning the world’s most prestigious contests. As a solo artist, Yoshie has also won numerous battles. Third in the crew, a member of the s**t kingz (shit kings), is the devoted, popular, and talented oguri who has achieved the feat of winning two years in a row (2010 and 2011) at Body Rock, one of the best dance contests in the Californian dance scene. oguri also gives workshops, performs worldwide, and collaborates with famous artists such as Taichi Miura, BoA, and Big Bang. Her solo concerts at venues with three thousand seats sell out in a day. Finally, there is Shoko Matsuda. With a petite frame, incredible physical ability and natural charisma, she has appeared and done choreography on many stages for John Caird, Etsuko Kawasaki, etc.., and has been invited to choreograph for TRDO, Singapore’s Contemporary Dance Company, as well as keeping busy creating her own works. You can’t miss the gorgeous collaboration between these four creative artists whose names reverberate throughout the dance scene.

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