A jazz dance team with expressions that reverberate through the soul.

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KAORIalive / OKKI / Naomi / Mami / NAO / kaorin / sayaka / Naoki / Hirotaka

This “Expressionistic Jazz Dance” company is headed by KAORIalive, a leading Japanese choreographer. The group creates performances with the power of expression that only true talent brings, wowing audiences with their deft unison, unique choreography, and worldly approach. Their masterpiece, “No War”, was awarded the top prize, as well as the judge’s award, at the Legend Tokyo Chapter 4 event and in 2013, appearing for the first time as the Japanese team at the World of Dance (Los Angeles) competition, they placed third and also received the award for best theme. The group’s well-honed sensitivity and flexible bodies create a vibe that evolves each day, gaining them worldwide recognition.

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2015.03 Hanoi, Vietnam
2015.12 Phnom Penh, Vientiane

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“Dance Dance Asia – Crossing the Movements – ” Vol. 01




Post-Event Interview: Hanoi, Vietnam

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Pre-Event Interview: Hanoi, Vietnam

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