Dedicated to the performance of live music, a fusion of Japanese classical instruments and street dance


SETO / TATSUO / PINO / REI / YOSHIE /Masakatsu (Tsugaru Shamisen & Shakuhachi) / Takeshi Chiyozono (Wadaiko & Tsuzumi)

This extreme group combines impressive moves with the raw sounds of live musicians. It features names that resonate worldwide; SETO (Be-Bop-Crew), TATSUO (GLASS HOPPER), YOSHIE (Be-Bop-Crew, BIG4, ebony), PInO (ALMA), REI (GO GO BROTHERS, Moreno Funk Sixers). Also, don’t miss live performances by the experienced Tsugaru Shamisen player, Masakatsu, who has performed in many countries, along with the heir of traditional Japanese percussion instruments, Takeshi Chiyozono, striving to take Wadaiko (Japanese drums) to new horizons, with a focus on “Wa” (Japanese style/peace and harmony) through their acoustic instruments. The Tokyo performances at Dance Dance Asia will be their triumphant return since Amsterdam’s SUMMER DANCE FOREVER in August 2015 where their work was showered with praise and received a standing ovation.

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