Vince Mendoza has won titles at street dance contests all over the globe. Based partly on Mendoza’s life, Hilatas (The Light that Guides You) conjures up a vision of always looking forward in pursuit of your dreams, and never looking back even in the face of adversity. Witness history in the making with this masterpiece of a show that condenses a wide range of dance styles, from street to contemporary and acrobatics.



■Choreographer, Director

Vince Mendoza “Crazybeans”Philippine Allstars (the Philippines)
Mendoza is a dancer and choreographer, and a member of Philippine Allstars.
He is the Philippine representative for the UK B-Boy Championship’s Popping division, and recently won the popping category at Hungary’s 2016 Get Down contest, and the all-style category at Vietnam’s Together Time.
He also won first prize in SDK ASIA 2016 (Hong Kong) as a member of TEAM X.
In 2010, 2012 and 2016, he competed the Juste Debout contest, held in Singapore and France, as one half of the dance unit Prince & Vince.
His work includes music videos, commercials, and choreographs. In 2015, he participated in DANCE DANCE ASIA in Tokyo as a member of Philippine Allstars.



Khenobu is a B-Boy and choreographer.
He holds numerous titles from battles at home and abroad, and he is also the champion of the 2013 Red Bull BC1 Malaysia. Besides his work as a dancer, he also runs a dance studio.
He is also training in mixed martial arts (MMA) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) at Klinch MMA.


Bboy Allen(the Philippines)
Bboy Allen is a talented dancer who is selected for this production at the age of 15.
He believes that being a B-Boy is his destiny.
He is currently trying his hand at popping. In 2009, at the age of eight, he won the B-Boy battle All Stars Anniversary.
He is an active competitor in battles both in the Philippines and abroad.
Still a high school student, he teaches dancing to his classmates.


Rhosam V. Prudenciado Jr. “Sickledsam” (the Philippines)
Prudenciado Jr. is a dancer who serves as director of Air Dance Company.
Between starting dance at the age of seven and turning professional in 2006, he gained a wide background in dance that ranged from traditional dancing to hip-hop and street dance.
He currently works as a contem-porary and aerial dancer. He is winner of the 2009 Yokohama Dance Collection, and has also stu-dies in France on scholarship.
He has also co-starred with Maki Morishita and Shigemi Kitamura in performances.
He also appeared in Mau directed by Kanjuro Fujima, which was a co-production involving dancers from Japan and four ASEAN countries.


Salt is a popper who started dancing in 2009.
He participated as a member of The90sASIA in A Frame which was staged in Tokyo in 2015.
In 2011 and 2013, he won the Gatsby Dance Competi-tion’s Indonesia qualifiers.
Aside from dancing, he also works as a filmmaker.


Bird is a dancer who started out with hip-hop and currently specializes in locking and freestyle.
In 2014, she was judge for both Real Deal and TRI-UNI ALL-STYLE BATTLE, and has won many titles in battles at home and abroad.
Currently, she is completing a bachelor’s degree in psychol-ogy at the Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU).
The dancer she admires is YOSHIE.


Naoko Matsuda(Japan)
Matsuda is a choreographer and dancer with experience in all kinds of genres.
In 2007, she partic-ipated in 21MASDANZA, the International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands in Spain, as a performer in NOISE ACT, a work choreographed by Anna, which was awarded the top prize.
In 2009, she staged a solo performance, Karisome. Recently, she has performed as one of the four members of BIG4, along with fellow members Kaoru Harada, YOSHIE, and Oguri, and has choreographed musicals.



■Bass/Kubing (Filippino jaw harp)

Carlo Bernardino(the Philippines)
Bernardino is a self-taught musician.
This time, he plays the kubing, a traditional Filipino jaw harp and bass.
Starting out as bassist in the hip-hop scene in 2006, he became a member of Tukar-Sinati on 2013.
He also works in film/video production and produces events and gigs.


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2016.12 DANCE DANCE ASIA in TOKYO 2016

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Tokyo, Japan [SPOT] Team VINCE work…



Tokyo, Japan [SPOT] Team VINCE work…


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