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「A Frame」

“The90sASIA” was established by combining a selection of Southeast Asian dancers, born in the ’90s, with next-generation performers; “The90sJPN” (The Nineties Japan), also known as super kid dancers born in the ’90s who took their generation by storm, defeating a succession of champions in battles inside and outside the country. For the first time ever, a stage performance created through a 14-day production period in Tokyo will be presented in Shibuya.

Direction will be provided by a tag team of three members: oguri, a member of the dance crew “s**t kingz,” which has attracted attention in and beyond Japan. oguri’ s refined choreography has earned him great renown as an entertainer with a high power of expression and dance sense. Jillian Meyers, who has firmly established herself as a dancer with her unique personality and expressive power and has endless offers from around the world, including working on choreography for Janet Jackson’ s performances. Takuro Suzuki, who has performed energetically overseas and is a member of the popular dance company “Condors,” known for their gakuran (school uniform) appearance. Takuro has gained extensive recognition as a young creator in the theatre and dance world for his multi-talented activities in choreography, directing, and acting.

Performers will be b-boy TAISUKE, who has won championships and is famous worldwide; KATSUYA and YU-YA, who are also members of “The Floorriorz” and b-boy representatives of Japan with TAISUKE; Ruu, a passionate dancer who has won numerous contests and is also a highly respected choreographer; IBUKI, the world champion and Child of Waack; KAZANE, who holds world titles with hip-hop and house as her weapons of choice; KYOKA, who is making her name known in various contests and battles; Youki, who has won numerous contests and continues to pursue an original hip-hop style; KTR, who has achieved excellent results in world battles and is the most widely recognised young krumper in Japan; and SAKI, who, with Oita Prefecture as her base, is active on the world stage and captivates all who watch her groove. A selection of Southeast Asian performers will also participate. They include Salt and MAMiQ from Indonesia, Maitinhvi from Vietnam, Peach Pauline and TE DOUBLE D Y_TEDDY from Malaysia, and Zyro Santos from the Philippines.

11/23(Mon・Public Holiday)
Performance 1 : 14:00(doors open : 13:30)
Performance 2 : 18:00(doors open : 17:30)
★The panel discussion will be conducted after the evening performance by oguri, Jillian Meyers and Takuro Suzuki.

Address: 23-21 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

[Ticket Informtaion]
Admission : General: 3,000 yen / Students: 2,000 yen
All Seats Reserved- Tax Included
*If you do not present proper student ID on the day of the event, you will be charged the reminder of the general admission fee at the reception desk.
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*Please note that children under elementary school age cannot be admitted in the theatre.

★Advance tickets are available at the venue of the Shibuya StreetDance Week, Yoyogi Park, on 11/22 (Sun).
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“ The90sASIA” was established by combining a selection of Southeast Asian dancers with “The90sJPN” (The Nineties Japan),
a group of dancers born in the ‘90s who were once super kids that took their generation by storm and
defeated a succession of champions in battles and contests in and out of the country.


You Hatakeyama(Japan)
You Hatakeyama is a percussionist who graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. At the time of her graduation, she won the highest award for excellence at the newcomer concert of the Japan Percussion Association. She has performed with musicians of various genres, including Keisuke Kuwata, Yosui Inoue, Tokiko Kato, Midori Kawashima, Hiromitsu Agatsuma (tsuguru shamisen) and Yosuke Yamashita (jazz pianist). She has collaborated with the rakugo artist Shunputei Shota, which shows that You’s activities are not exclusive to the music scene. Since 2007, She has been focused on solo work and has released four albums. Her instruction DVD titled “A guide to Cajon for Drummers – Super High-Level Skills and Phrases” is now on sale from ALFANOTE.

On 22 November (Sun), the SSDW CONTEST will be held at the Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage. The winner of the “High-school student teams battle for the street dance championship!” will appear as the opening act for A FRAME!


Artistic Directors: oguri (s**t kingz)
What began as a tour of ten European countries with stops in thirteen different cities has led to workshops and performances all over the world in places such as America, Singapore and New Zealand. oguri has performed with, and choreographed work for Japanese and foreign artists like Mariah Carey, BoA, BIG BANG, and Daichi Miura. As a member of the charismatic team s**t kingz, he is receiving worldwide attention and attracting people with his stylish arrangements and performances.
Artistic Directors: Jillian Meyers
A unique personality, Jillian is a performer and creator with a rich and captivating artistic sensibility. She's had the pleasure to work with the company Cirque Du Soleil. She's also worked with artists such as Janet Jackson, Madonna, John Legend, Kylie Minogue, Annie Lennox, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and choreographed for other various music artists. A charismatic dancer, she continues receiving offers from all over the world.
Artistic Directors: Takuro Suzuki
Born in 1985, Takuro Suzuki is a choreographer, performer and dancer from Niigata Prefecture. He attended Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music, where he studied the basics of theater, pantomime and dance. After graduating, he founded a dance company CHAiroiPLIN with the aim of creating works with plenty of dialogue, song, onomatopoeia and the like for children and adults to enjoy. He is also a member of the dance group Condors. Takuro has won many awards, including the honorable mention award at Yokohama Dance Collection Ex, finalist at the Toyota Choreography Award, the 46th meeting of the Dance Critics Association rookie of the year award, and an award at the 9th edition of Japan Dance Forum. He has also received the Directors Competition top award for excellence, the Suginami Play Festival award for excellence, and won the title in the young performing artists category at the 3rd Setagaya Ward Arts Awards. Takuro is also expanding his projects overseas and was a guest performer for Philippe Decoufé and Nibroll. He is also a part-time lecturer in the department of Drama Dance and Design at Tama Art University and International Culture School (Kokusai Bunka Gakuen).


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