It’s not about the money! As the leader of Big Toe Crew, Vietnam’s first hip-hop dance group, LION T has taken the dance world by storm. He has also produced stage shows in Europe and North America, though his diligence is not all for his own glory. In partnership with friends and family, his work is imbued with the sincere messages for building a better society that he wants to share with the world.



■Choreographer, Director

LION T(Vietnam)
LION T is a dancer and choreographer who began hip-hop in 1991 and later joined the street dance group, Big Toe Crew, the following year.
In 2010, the group was awarded first place in the Battle Of The Year SEA & SOUTH ASIA, and won third place in the international competition, R16.
Big Toe Crew, which he currently helms, is composed of around 80 members covering popping, waacking, house, and hip-hop.
The group also focuses on training younger dancers between the ages of five and fifteen while LION T’s solo pursuits include producing TV shows and creating his own original works.

Chairs fuses street dance with beatboxing to create a portrait of Vietnamese people today.
Be sure to check out how the Asian dancers work together and how their dance connects to the beatboxer’s music, as well as how the props are used in the performance.



C2Low is a dancer and choreographer, and one of the members of Big Toe Crew, started hip-hop in 2009 and now specializes in waacking.
His performance on Vietnam’s Got Talent in 2014 led to many appearances on TV shows.
While continuing to challenge himself in various competitions and battles, he devotes his efforts to popularizing waacking in Vietnam as its pioneer.


HOSHITO is a dancer, choreographer, and instructor who grew up in Kyoto and is now based in Osaka.
He is a member of Flexible Flav who specializes in hip-hop and popping.
He has participa-ted actively in dance battles and competitions, and has received many awards to date.
Recently, he has been invited to judge competitions in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and has also dedicated his time organizing dance events to train the next generation of dancers.


Jackson Boogie J(Malaysia)
Jackson Boogie J is a dancer, choreographer, instructor, and a founder of FreakZ Dance Academy & Bounce Boogie Production.
YouTube videos first sparked his love for dance, and eventually triggered his passion for popping which he now fuses with elements from funk and soul.
He regularly competes in international battles and competitions, and strives to improve Malaysia’s dance scene as a whole.


Born in Hanoi. Maitinhvi is a member of Big Toe Crew who specializes in waack, hip-hop, and house dance.
Besides appearances in battles and performances and her work as a choreographer and instructor, Maitinhvi is also featured frequently in collaborative projects with European dancers and choreographers.
She represented Vietnam at the 2015 and 2016 Europe Meets Asia in Con-temporary Dance Festival in Hanoi, and also participated in the Tokyo leg of A Frame.


Born in Chiba. MARIN began dancing in 2003.
Although her specialty is punking, her dancing prowess extends beyond street dance, extending to ballet and acrobatics.
She is a member of ONPARADE, a team of whiz-kid dancers with seven major titles to its name, including Girls Buyu-den and ICE CREAM.
She is regarded as one of the most promising young dancers today.


Michael Sim(Singapore)
Sim is a dancer, choreographer, and instructor.
He started dancing at the age of nine after wat-ching MTV.
He is an all-rounder who has studied many styles of dance, from street jazz, which he took up in high school, through to modern dance, and old school.
Besides frequently competing in battles and competitions, Sim is also passionate about bringing up the next generation of Singa-porean dancers.



■Human Beatbox

Born in Hanoi. MK is a dancer, beatboxer, and singer.
He began dancing to Michael Jackson’s music videos at the age of 10, and took up beatboxing at the age of 12.
He began serious training in beatboxing and popping when he was 17, and has since been recognized with numerous awards.


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