An exhilarating dance team that inspires you to laugh and brings you to tears.


Imagine Itou / Yusuke Umezawa / Takahiro Iino / Koichi Tsuruno / Takuya Shiono / Tatsuhiko Sakurai / Kazuya Naraki / Hiromi Ohmura / Hirotaka Noda

Created in 2001, this revolutionary dance entertainment group creates J-Pop and jazz dance-based performances featuring stories thrillingly easy to follow and centered on their idea that “dance is all about feeling!” After winning the special prize at the 2009 “Japan Dance Delight Vol. 16”, the group went on to win the award for best performance at the “Legend Tokyo Chapter 2” in 2012, as well as the audience’s award with a stunningly high number of votes, earning themselves the title of Japan’s best in the process. Having made their stage debut in 2012 with theatric performances free of dialogue, their brand of dance caught on through word of mouth, attracting the attention of people of all ages in theatrical circles at an incredible speed. This led to performances at Parco Theater and Setagaya Public Theater. In 2014, attendance to their shows was over ten thousand. In 2015, they held a solo stage performance called “Cross Ginger Hurricane” at the Haiyuuza Theater – ABC Hall and around 5,000 people attended. Conveying “Dance x Theater x J-Pop”, they continue to evolve in the entertainment scene.

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2015.03 Bangkok, Thailand

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“Dance Dance Asia – Crossing the Movements – ” Vol. 01




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